About Us

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An online battery shop established in 2021 after extensive market
research into the demand and supply of batteries.

PJ1 Batteries is an online retail and wholesale distributor of batteries and chargers in Ghana.

Pj1 batteries offers same day delivery of car batteries,small size batteries such as AAAA Batteries, C Batteries, D Batteries, 9V Batteries and gives up to 12 months warranty cover.

Pj1 batteries operates to provide experdite services in the purchase of batteries and battery products in Ghana.

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Providing high quality batteries and chargers with focus on rechargeable batteries and chargers for the Ghanaian market. Make delivery and purchase of hard to find batteries accesible nationwide accross Ghana.


To be Ghana`s number one online battery shop With our key performance indicators being sales of quality products, expedite delivery services, expert advice and aftersale customer service.


Truth and Transparency in the delivery of quality products and services. Respect for customer and employees in all services. Guarantee and warranty of only tested and approved products on the market.

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